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Q. What about internet connectivity? >>

One choice open to any travellers is free Wifi, which anyone with a mobile (with a New Zealand number) can access. Wifi hotspots are expanding across the country all the time. However Wifi reception is still patchy in many areas outside of main cities. Also 'free' wifi is not always free as it may involve making a purchase, such as cup of coffee at a cafe before they give you the Wi-fi password.

There is another option which is more dependable that more and more campervan rental operators are offering. It is a Mobile Broadband Device with a pre-paid data package. An example of this is Tui (BudgetFreedom) Pocket WiFi mobile broadband internet allows you to set up your own secure WiFi anywhere in Vodafone coverage. It's portable, wireless and battery powered, plus with one-touch setup you can share your broadband with up to five Wi-Fi devices quickly and easily. So bring your laptop or iPad and stay in touch with your friends and family while you are travelling in a Tui Camper. $100.00 gives you 3.5GB data download/upload. Prepay mobile broadband lasts for a month or if you run out of data during the month, simply buy a Top Up add-on to keep you going.

Other motorhome rental companies offering internet are MauiBritz & Mighty. Offer a free Roadtrip App (available to download at the depot), displays your current GPS location then shows the nearest campsite and holiday parks, (free and paid) and more. Wifi Data can be purchased at depot on pickup: 1GB Wifi Hotspot Data NZ$35 per hire (included in The Bundle) - 5GB Wifi Hotspot Data NZ$65

(Apollo Group: Star RV, Apollo & Cheapa). Also offer a free Apollo Connect app that can be downloaded (google play or App store) on your mobile device (using the free wifi at the depot), then the GPS can be used off-line. If you are requiring wifi while travelling you can purchase prepay mobile data for at any retail store.


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