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Posted on 13/11/2023 16:53 PM

Embarking on a journey in a campervan is a remarkable fusion of adventure and comfort. The road stretches ahead, and your home on wheels guides you to new horizons. Whether you're a seasoned nomad or new to campervan life, the prospect of embracing the open road in a compact yet fully functional mobile home is exhilarating.

If you're looking for a motorhome hire in New Zealand's North Island, join us on this journey, where we cover how to use a campervan and make the most of your trip. We'll teach you everything, from preparing delicious meals on the go to managing essential resources like water and power while being responsible stewards of the environment. It's time to hit the road, live freely, and discover the beauty of campervan living.


Cooking: Making Food on the Go

The heart of campervan living is undoubtedly the kitchen-on-wheels, where culinary adventures unfold amidst breathtaking landscapes. Campervans feature compact, functional kitchens with essential appliances, storage spaces, and a fridge. When cooking on the road, efficient meal planning and storage are key—prioritise one-pot wonders and easy-to-prep dishes that maximise flavours without compromising your precious road time.

While the campervan kitchen facilities are often sufficient, embracing additional tools like camping stoves and portable grills expands your culinary horizons. These versatile additions empower you to cook under the open sky, grilling vegetables, simmering stews, and making the most of your surroundings.

Campervan cooking is about embracing simplicity, celebrating local ingredients, and savouring the joy of creating a hot meal with the world as your backdrop.


Water Management: Minimise Usage

The average holding capacity of a fixed water tank is around 60 to 140 litres, depending on the campervan model. Effectively managing your water supply is a fundamental skill in campervan living. The compact nature of these homes on wheels requires a thoughtful approach to ensure a sustainable and enjoyable journey. Water conservation takes centre stage, urging travellers to embrace eco-conscious habits. Simple practices such as turning off taps promptly and taking quick showers go a long way in maximising your water reservoir.

Strategic meal planning with minimal utensil use also contributes to prolonged campervan water availability. Filling and emptying water tanks becomes a routine yet crucial task. Seek out designated filling stations at dump stations or motor camps to replenish your water reservoir and responsibly dispose of greywater.


Power Sources: Staying Lit

Using electricity in campervan

Monitoring and conserving power during your travels becomes an art in itself. While stationed at a campsite, you can link up with a power box. This connection will energise the onboard appliances and electrical equipment while recharging the leisure battery, ensuring its functionality even when not connected to a power source.

Understanding your energy consumption and the capacity of your power sources allows for efficient usage; judiciously charge devices and run appliances during periods of optimal power availability.

A strategic balance ensures a steady power supply, keeping your essentials operational without compromising the essence of off-grid living.


Waste Disposal: Where Should You Dump?

Greywater tanks and handling toilet waste, if applicable, demand a thoughtful approach. Seek approved dump sites for sanitary waste disposal, respecting campsite waste disposal rules to preserve the pristine locations you explore.

Eco-conscious travellers can reduce their environmental footprint by adopting simple yet impactful practices. Choose reusable utensils and containers to minimise single-use plastics, recycle where possible, and dispose of campervan waste in designated bins.

Incorporating these eco-friendly tips into your campervan journey helps preserve nature and enhance the overall experience of living harmoniously with the environment on your travels.


Campervan Living Tips

Keep Organised

Embrace the art of organisation by using storage compartments efficiently. Streamline your possessions to essential items and designate spaces for specific items to avoid clutter. A well-organised and minimalist campervan enhances functionality and aesthetics, lightening the load to create a more spacious and enjoyable living environment.

Prioritise Safety

Regularly check the vehicle's mechanical condition, including brakes, tyres, and fluid levels. Ensure that safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers and first aid kits, is readily available. Staying prepared will help you immensely in emergencies such as breakdowns or accidents.

Plan Ahead

While flexibility is key, having a rough itinerary gives your journey a sense of direction. Planning your route and potential stops or campgrounds for the night will facilitate smoother travel and help you discover hidden gems.

Engage with Local Communities

Interact with locals and fellow travellers; you can talk with them when parked. Their insights can lead you to off-the-beaten-path destinations, unique experiences, and valuable tips for making the most of your campervan adventure.


Begin Your Journey

For those eager to embark on their campervan adventure or seeking guidance on utilising these homes on wheels to their fullest, connect with NZ Motorhomes. Our expertise extends beyond vehicles; we are your partners in crafting a personalised and unforgettable journey.


Browse our range of motorhomes for hire to explore New Zealand's North Island, or contact our team for more information on choosing the perfect option tailored to your unique needs. Let the road beckon, and may your campervan adventure be filled with freedom, discovery, and the joy of living on your terms.


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