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Campervan Tips & Tricks to Get More from Your Motorhome

Posted on 30/01/2024 17:11 PM

Enjoy a maximally comfortable tour of New Zealand with useful campervan tips and tricks about food storage, space-saving, and clever trip planning.

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Camping Etiquette: The Dos & Don'ts of Roughing It

Posted on 12/12/2023 09:13 AM

Explore camping etiquette in New Zealand with our guide. Discover the dos and don'ts for an eco-friendly adventure, from waste disposal to respecting nature.

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How to Use a Campervan: Cooking, Water, Power, & Waste

Posted on 13/11/2023 16:53 PM

Learn where and how to dump waste, find safe water, and keep your power supply intact. Our helpful guide teaches you how to use a campervan efficiently.

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Campervans vs Caravans: Which Should You Choose?

Posted on 24/10/2023 16:37 PM

New Zealand is a land of breathtaking landscapes, adventure, and freedom. As you plan your journey through this picturesque country, one of the first decisions you'll face is choosing the ideal mode of travel accommodation—campervan vs caravan.

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What to Take Camping in Your Campervan – A Checklist

Posted on 02/08/2023 15:47 PM

Are you planning a campervan adventure for your upcoming New Zealand trip? Campervans come in various sizes and configurations, ranging from compact vans with basic amenities to larger motorhomes with fully equipped kitchens, bathrooms, and sleeping areas. They are popular with travellers seeking a self-contained and mobile accommodation solution during their adventures in New Zealand.

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7 Ways To Travel Low-Cost In A Campervan

Posted on 23/01/2019 12:10 PM

In this article we explore the latest trends in campervan living and give good advice on how to camp and eat for less and have less impact on the environment..

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Campervan Kiwi Style - Brace yourself for Road Tripping Down Under

Posted on 18/12/2018 13:14 PM

Ah a Kiwi summer – hot days, balmy nights and warm water – nothing beats camping and campervanning season Down Under.

However, before you trek off on your holiday ventures, be sure to arm yourself with a few campervanning hints, tips and know-how, just in case the weather doesn’t come to the party but the bugs do or you find yourself parking up in places you hadn’t planned for! A Kiwi campervan trip should be about making memories – not morbid escapes – so sit back and read on.

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Epic Surf Trips Are CHEAPER In The Winter!

Posted on 31/05/2016 15:27 PM

Has the cost of renting a motorhome ever prevented you from hiring one? For me this was always the case, but recently an opportunity came up to hire a 6 berth campervan and embark on an epic surf trip adventure with 6 of my closest friends.

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